Psychology and Yoga

About Us

Terms of Reference

  1. To represent, promote and advance contemporary psychology through examining its relationship with the psychology of yoga.
  2. To improve community wellbeing and scientific knowledge through creating structures that support research testing the benefits of yoga psychology as a form of mindfulness psychotherapy.
  3. To provide a forum for members to discuss the practical relevance of yoga theory to clinical practice.
  4. To provide a deeper sense of professional belonging within the Australian Psychological Society for members who live their lives guided by yoga principles and practices.
  5. To provide regular professional development opportunities in a variety of formats and in a variety of locations around Australia.
  6. To increase awareness and enhance the profile of Australian Psychological Society psychologists within the broader Australian yoga community and its organisations. This would include providing information about when and how to access a psychologist and the many services offered by the Australian Psychological Society.
  7. To work collaboratively and supportively where possible and appropriate with other Australian Psychological Society interest groups.
  8. To promote awareness within and to provide informed advice to the APS on matters related to the psychology of yoga and contemporary psychological practice