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Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives (2007)

Tony Morris FAPS, Peter Terry FAPS, & Sandy Gordon FAPS (Editors)

Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives represents the collection of extended papers by the invited keynote speakers and two early career awardees at the 11th ISSP World Congress of Sport Psychology.

The 10 papers of this collection have been edited by Tony Morris, Peter Terry, and Sandy Gordon, three former CoSP chairs. The papers are grouped together in pairs in five different topics:

  • Sport Psychology Theory and Practice
  • Sport Psychology Practice
  • Psychology of Exercise
  • Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology
  • Motor Skill and Expert Performance

Past Media Releases

16 August 2005

Walk your way to health

Exercise psychologists believe that a focus on walking as a key mode of activity can help to increase physical activity levels in the population and thus improve physical and mental health.
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16 August 2005

Mental toughness equals performance excellence

Mental toughness is regarded as one of the most important psychological factors associated with achieving performance excellence in any sport.  
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15 August 2005

The mindset of a champion

There are things that distinguish great athletes—champions—from others. Most of the sports world thinks it’s their talent, but Dr Carol Dweck from Stanford University will argue that it’s their mindset.
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Past News Updates

Change of College Name


A motion to change the name of the College to the APS College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists will be put to all APS members at the APS Annual General Meeting on 16 October 2010.

At its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 13 July 2010, members of the College voted to propose this change in name. 

This motion follows as a consequence of the Psychology Board of Australia's (PBA) selection of the title Sport and Exercise Psychologist as the representative title for our specialisation. It is understood that the PBA chose this title to emphasise the health-related aspects of the field. With the Ministerial Council's acceptance of specialist titles, Sport and Exercise Psychologist became the endorsed title for specialist practitioners in the field from 1 July 2010.

As a consequence, the College's National Committee considered the benefits of adopting the newly endorsed specialist title as the name of our College. From an examination of the nature, requirements and implications of national registration, it became evident that an alignment of the College name with the specialist title provides the College with the best opportunity to be recognised as the representative association for practitioners in the specialist field. This will enable the College to unequivocally represent members' interests to the public, government, and other organisations. 

At its last meeting on 23 April, the College's national committee voted unanimously to support a change, and the motion for a name change was accepted unanimously by College members at the July AGM.  

Proxy voting

College members who are unable to attend the APS AGM will be able to lodge a proxy, and information on the process for this will be posted here in August.

AGM Motion : College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists

 - CoSP logo100   The motion to change the name of the College was passed by members at the College's Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 13 July 2010.

The motion will be put to APS members at the APS Annual General Meeting on Saturday 16 October. College members not able to attend the APS AGM are encouraged to lodge proxies: further information will be available in coming weeks.


College Award of Distinction

 - CoSP logo100   The Award of Distinction is granted each year to a candidate of exceptional merit, and recognises the recipient's significant contribution to sport psychology and to the College over a number of years.

The College is delighted to announce that the recipient of its Award of Distinction for 2010 is Stephanie Hanrahan. The Award was bestowed at the College's AGM on 13 July, and is in recognition of Stephanie's contribution to practice, research and administration in sport psychology over several decades.&


National Committee 

 - CoSP logo100   At the College's Annual General Meeting, a new national committee was elected. Gene Moyle was elected National Chair for 2010-12, with Tracey Veivers joining the committee as secretary.
Full details of the new national committee are available at Office Bearers.

National Registration 

 - PBA logo   The Psychology Board of Australia has released a number of consultation papers on the National Registration scheme to operate from 1 July 2010. It is evident that the scheme will bring significant changes to the standards and requirements for practising psychologists.
Information on matters relevant to CoSP members has been added to this site - see National Registration. This page will be updated regularly as further details are made available.

International Congress of Psychology, 2010

 - ICAP logo100  

The International Congress of Applied Psychology was held in Melbourne from 12-16 July 2010, with around 4000 delegates attending a week-long program of workshops, fora and symposia.

Together with the Sport Psychology division of IAAP, the College contributed to a high quality program, including a State-of-the Art presentation by Peter Terry, who has also contributed a chapter on sport psychology to the IAAP's upcoming Handbook.

CoSP Newsletter

The new edition of the College's newsletter, The Sporting Mind, is available here - Acrobat icon - small. For previous editions, see Newsletters.

Asian South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology

 - aspasp logo100  

The website for our regional association is available at http://aspasp.org. Please note that members of COSP are automatically members of ASPASP. 

The most recent edition of ASPASP newsletter is available here: ASPASP Newsletter, April 2009 - Acrobat icon - small (323kb). The newsletter provides details of activities throughout the region, and advance notice of upcoming events, including the 2011 ASPASP Congress in Taiwan.

InPsych, April 2009 

The April 2009 issue of InPsych includes an article by three of our members, Jack White, Jeff Bond & Sandy Gordon, entitled Athletes behaving badly.

InPsych, February 2008

Several College members contributed to the February 2008 issue of InPsych, which included a cover feature on performance psychology.

Performance psychology: Being the best, the best you can be, or just a little better?
Peter Terry
Enhancing the teamwork of the Sri Lankan cricket team: A case study of applying Appreciative Inquiry
Sandy Gordon
The APS College of Sport Psychologists: Has our performance peaked?
Lydia Ievleva