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Coming to a computer screen near you in 2019...

Thank you for your interest in our PORIG webinar series. We are working on finding the latest in relationship research and will get back to you as soon as we can. Keep an eye on this space in the meantime!


Past Webinars



On October 21, 2016 Associate Professor Damien Riggs presented a webinar on Working with LGBT people and their animal companions who have experienced violence. Damien is an Associate Professor in Social Work at Flinders University and an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow. He also works in private practice as a psychotherapist specialising in working with transgender children. His most recent book is Critical Kinship Studies: An Introduction to the field with Elizabeth Peel published by Palgrave Macmillan. In his webinar, Damien examined the co-occurrence of human and animal violence in the context of lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (LGBT) people’s relationships. He presented findings from a survey of Australian and UK LGBT people’s experiences of domestic violence including animal abuse, and provided guidance for clinicians who may work with LGBT people and their animal companions who have experienced either form of violence.


For access to a recording of Damien’s webinar: contact Dr Adam Gerace at [email protected]



Our first webinar for the year, conducted on January 21 2015, was presented by our very own Dr Gery Karantzas, Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Deakin University and the Director of Edoctus, and receipient of numerous research grants and awards throughout Australia. In his webinar, Gery discussed the concept of relationship quality and trained participants in the administration and scoring of the one of the most widely used measures of relationship quality – the Perceived Relationship Quality Components (Fletcher et al., 2000)- a simple yet reliable measure developed to assess relationship quality experienced by individuals and couples.

Our second webinar, conducted on November 13 2015, was presented by Professor Bruce A. Stevens, an advanced trainer in Schema Therapy (ST) for both couples and individuals and co-author of Schema therapy with couples: A practitioner’s guide to healing relationships, with Chiara Simeone-DiFrancesco (USA) and Eckhard Roediger (Germany). Bruce holds the Wicking Chair of Ageing and Practical Theology and is director of the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies at Charles Sturt University/St Mark’s Canberra and the principal clinician of Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology. In his webinar, Bruce introduces Schema Therapy (Young, 2003), a clinical personality theory for understanding personality disordered clients that has received growing evidence of effectiveness from randomized controlled trials, as a treatment option for couples and more broadly relationships, with a special focus on conceptualising affairs and couple dynamics involved in clinical treatment.

For PORIG members who could not attend the webinars and are yet to view the webinar recordings, please follow the links below to obtain access. 


Dr Gery Karantzas Webinar:

Professor Bruce Stevens Webinar: contact Dr Adam Gerace at [email protected].



2014 saw the trailling of professional development for PORIG members in the form of Webinars. These Webinars received interest from in excess of 100 PORIG members, either through the live participation and viewing of the webinars or accessing the webinar recordings. 

Our first webinar was conducted on June 3 2014, in which one of the world’s foremost experts on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Dr Sue Johnson, discussed attachment themes in EFT couples therapy. As part of this webinar, Sue provided insights into how attachment theory underpins key aspects of the emotional injuries experienced by couples. She also provided insight into the various stages of EFT and the function of these stages in helping to resolve couples relationship difficulties. 

Our second webinar, conducted on July 2 2014, was presented by a world expert in social support, Professor Carolyn Cutrona from Iowa State University. In her webinar, she discussed various social support interventions that encourage people to make the most of their network of supportive relations. Importantly, she highlighted that interventions in which the support provided by others exacerbates distress or challenges the competence of the person in need in fact yield negative outcomes for the support recipient. The webinar clearly highlighted that the associations between the provision of social support and outcomes for support recipients is complex. 


For PORIG members who could not attend the webinars and are yet to view the webinar recordings, please follow the links below to obtain access. 


Dr Sue Johnson Webinar:

Professor Carolyn Cutrona Webinar: 

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