Psychopharmacology and Psychology

About Us

The Psychopharmacology and Psychology Interest Group offers members an opportunity to engage with other professionals who share an interest in issues pertaining to the use and actions of medications, medication interactions and effects on mental health. Its intended function is neither to advocate for nor against the use of medications in mental health. The group aims to be of relevance in a broad range of settings.

Terms of reference

  1. To facilitate communication among colleagues who share similar clinical, research, teaching, and learning interests.
  2. To develop a network of clinicians with an understanding of emerging issues related to medication-mental health interactions.
  3. To develop and disseminate educational and training materials regarding psychopharmacology.
  4. To promote professional activities and practice, education and training, information sharing, research and discussion relevant to psychopharmacology.
  5. To develop and maintain links with other professional groups with an interest in psychopharmacology whose aims are congruent with those of the APS and the Interest Group.