Psychology in the Public Sector


IGPPS – April update      


Hello, and welcome to our IGPPS update, a new feature that we are trialling over the coming months. Currently the IGPPS committee meet monthly and to ensure that members are aware of what is happening through these meetings I will be providing regular updates via our webpage. Hopefully you find this interesting and I’d appreciate any feedback that you have.

Our April meeting saw continuation of an earlier discussion about how to obtain feedback and suggestions from members about what they would like the IGPPS to do and to provide. There are a number of surveys being distributed or planned for distribution to psychologists around the country, and rather than adding to the load that people feel required to complete, we are keen to gather this information as creatively as possible. This might include co-ordinating with wider APS surveys, discussions through other networks, engagement by members through our webpage and email, or facilitated webinars. We also discussed what content we should be placing on our website, including this update. If you have any thoughts about what you would find useful as a psychologist working in the public sector, then please let us know.

Tony McHugh, the APS Manager – Professional Practice for Public Sector, NGOs and schools asked for thoughts and discussion regarding a relevant topic for 2018 National Psychology Week for public sector psychologists. If you have any ideas, then please forward them to the IGPPS or to Tony directly. It would be fantastic to have a relevant, exciting topic for us to showcase public sector psychology in its many guises.  

The interest group committee have agreed that we will initially focus on creating access to resources developed by, utilised in or relevant to clinical supervision for psychologists working in the public sector. This might include a summary of a document or policy that a service has developed, contact details for a psychologist who is happy to discuss how they manage clinical supervision in their service, or references for key articles to support public sector psychologists in ensuring they can access quality clinical supervision relevant to their needs. We will be developing this resource in coming months; if you would like to contribute or be involved, please contact me.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday 19th May, and I’ll have another update for you shortly after that.