Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Psychology

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Australian Psychological Society - Reconciliation Action Plan

The need for Reconciliation is pressing. As the leading organisation for psychologists, the APS represents more than 20,000 members and has committed to taking action on Reconciliation.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Psychologists Association 

The Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (AIPA) is the national body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychologists in Australia. AIPA is committed to improving the social and emotional well-being and mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by increasing the number of Indigenous psychologists, and by leading the change required to deliver equitable, accessible, sustainable, timely and culturally safe primary mental health care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in urban, regional and remote Australia.

AIPA plans to work closely with the APS Interest Group Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Psychology to achieve shared goals. The Interest Group continues to be the APS unit where Indigenous and non-Indigenous members can meet and work together. As such, it has an important role as the reconciliation arm of the APS and is a source of expertise and support for AIPA.

AIPA is located within the Psychology in the Public Interest section of the APS.

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