Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology is the study of individuals and groups, and the processes they use to select, buy, and use consumer goods, services, brands and experiences. It looks at the motivations and behaviour of people in relation to their consumption habits. It includes all aspects of marketing such as segmentation, brand building, research, creative development and media. This field has some aspects in common with industrial-organisational psychology but is recognised at its own standalone discipline in a number of other overseas jurisdictions, including the US. Consumer psychology includes elements of economic psychology, behaviour change, communication, advertising, marketing, sociology and anthropology. In short, it seeks to understand the behaviour of consumers.

The ConPsych group will provide a central point of contact for people interested in consumer psychology. It will be a forum to inspire, network, share ideas and research. This group will be the country‚Äôs leading forum for professionals, industry practitioners and members of the public who share an interest in the science of consumer psychology. How the group unfolds over the years will be largely up to its members.  

If you would like to be involved, please contact the Group secretary at