Consumer Psychology

About Us

Terms of Reference for the Consumer Psychology Interest Group:

  1. To support the scientific development of models that help explain and predict the psychological motivations and behaviour of people within the context of consumption related decisions.
  2. To encourage scientific activities that analyse the psychological aspects of consumer behaviour-related marketing, such as segmentation, brand building, research, creative development and media.
  3. To provide a central point of contact for people working and interested in consumer psychology, and to act as a forum to inspire, network and share ideas. 
  4. To provide an opportunity for psychologists and the APS to demonstrate the value of psychology in the developing and dynamic area of buyer behaviour research.
  5. To promote through the APS Interest Group website the latest research pertinent to the practice and understanding of consumer psychology.
  6. To liaise with other professional and consumer groups, whose aims are congruent with those of this APS Interest Group and the APS generally.
  7. To provide expert advice to the APS on consumer psychology and related matters.