Division of General Psychological Practice

Division of General Psychological Practice

This Division has been specifically set up by the APS to give a direct voice to registered members who do not belong to a College (either as a member or associate). This is a vehicle to allow you to contribute your experiences, express your concerns and generally work with the APS to address the challenges facing non-college practising psychologists.

To ensure your voice is heard, the APS Board has created a DGPP Forum with a representative from each State and Territory that meets regularly. This Forum was established by the APS Board to provide a voice to those APS members without a College Chairs Forum to represent their interests. College members are able to communicate with the Board and National Office through the College structure. The DGPP Forum is designed to offer the same communication channel to non-College members.

The Division of General Psychological Practice is a varied group and includes psychologists trained through the internship model as well as psychologists with postgraduate training who are not a member of a college. Some DGPP members also hold an area of endorsement with PsyBA but have chosen not to join an APS College.  Given the diversity of membership, it is difficult to find a suitable name for the cohort but at the moment they are known as psychologists in “general psychological practice’. What is most important is that the Forum is a formal opportunity for ALL such members to communicate directly with the Board and National Office.

The Forum is jointly chaired by the President and the Executive Director of the APS and as such it gains direct communication access to them and through them to the Board. Membership of the Forum was by invited self-nomination but the selection process guaranteed representation from each State.

The primary means of communication with those interested and entitled to be DGPP members is through an email process. This ensures information about the DGPP is only received by those that nominate to be informed. This email process will only be a channel of information flow and not a debating hub. In other words, it will be used to seek opinions and views, and share information. Any debate and discussion will occur at the DGPP Forum with outcomes fed back via this email system. Additionally DGPP members are encouraged to directly contact their relevant State or Territory DGPP representative