About us

The APS DGPP Forum includes State and Territory representatives who offered to accept this role and perform the duties set out in the Terms of Reference. Expressions of interest are called for during the November of each year and the current Forum is made up of the following people:

ACT Emma Prime
New South Wales Terry Kirkpatrick
Northern Territory Chloe Dudley
Queensland Ronita Neal
South Australia Marjorie Santich
Tasmania Paul Campbell
Victoria Andrew Chua
Western Australia Jay Anderson

The State and Territory representatives of the DGPP work very closely with the State/Territory Committee Chairs to ensure that there are avenues of communication to the members in their area as well as to ensure that communication represents a State/Territory perspective. To further enhance both communication and representation, some States and Territories have created a local ‘committee” to both broaden the range of input and ideas as well as to share some of the responsibilities. 

The States and Territories vary in the way they have gone about establishing local working groups, activities and networks. Some of this has been influenced by the size of the membership in the State or Territory, other influences have been already established processes and procedures.