News updates

News updates

December 2019
Update from DGPP meetings with CEO and President

Since our last update, your Forum members have met every month to keep our focus on strategic issues.

We have also had one face-to-face DGPP Forum meeting and two online teleconference meetings with Frances Mirabelli (APS CEO), Ros Knight (President), and other key APS National Office staff to discuss relevant issues and work in progress at National Office.

Our face-to-face meeting in Melbourne in November was our first gathering without Paul Campbell. We would like to thank Paul, who has stepped away from the position of Tasmanian DGPP representative, for his significant contribution to the work of the DGPP Forum and his passion for representing the views and interests of DGPP members in Tasmania.

One of the topics regularly discussed at our meetings is how the universities are progressing with the development of the one-year bridging courses. We have communicated to Ros and Frances the importance of addressing any barriers to entry for those of us who may not have undertaken formal university study recently, and also issues facing those who may not be able to participate in face-to-face courses.

The DGPP Forum has also provided input to the work done by the National Office in response to the Productivity Commission. DGPP has also been asked for input to shaping how the next generation of IT systems at the APS could better serve members and member groups. 

The November Advisory Council meeting was rescheduled. At the time, National Office advised that many key areas of APS strategic work were pending or awaiting confirmation, such as the MBS Review and the Psychology Board review of endorsements. As the agenda for the meeting was not robust whilst these areas of work were pending, the meeting was cancelled and will instead take place in February.

A number of important issues face our profession in the coming year including outcomes from the MBS Review, follow-up from the Productivity Commission recommendations, the review of endorsements by the Psychology Board of Australia, and an APS Governance Review.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge three DGPP members who were elected as APS Fellows at the AGM this year. They are Bev Ernst from Tasmania, Judy Marty from WA, and Moyna Glenn Goold from Queensland. 

We will be meeting online in early January, and face-to-face in February to formulate our strategic plan for 2020.

We wish you all the best for the Festive Season.