Diverse Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities

News Updates

APS Submission to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee: Inquiry into the matter of a popular vote, in the form of a plebiscite or referendum, on the matter of marriage in Australia 2015




APS Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Recognition of Foreign Marriages Bill 2014



Submission to Senate Inquiry: Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010



'Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review' Volume 8, Number 3

The April 2013 issue of GLIP Review is now available. This is the final issue of the journal, now that it is set to become a part of the Australian Psychologist. Check out the editorial for full details of this move, as well as a wonderful collection of papers. The full issue, along with submission guidelines, previous issues and other details for the journal are available on the GLIP Review page.


APS endorses the APA marriage equality statement

The Australian Psychological Society has endorsed a recent resolution of the American Psychological Association calling for marriage equality for those in same-sex relationships, on health and wellbeing grounds. Full details here.



Literature review on LGBT-parented families released

The Interest Group has been involved in writing a literature review of research on LGBT-parented families. This has been an extensive project summarising this body of research that highlights the differences between lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and heterosexual families, and which emphasises the positive findings for children who grow up with LGBT-parents. This is an important document for LGBT-parented families as it provides clear support for policy and legislative change on the basis of empirical evidence. The review, authored by Liz Short, Damien W. Riggs, Amaryll Perlesz, Rhonda Brown and Graeme Kane, can be accessed from the APS Public Interest website.