Diverse Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities

Useful Web Links

Where can I find more information and support about sexual orientation and homosexuality?

QLife is Australia’s first nationally-oriented counselling and referral service for LGBTI people. QLife provides nation-wide, early intervention, peer supported telephone and web based services to diverse people of all ages.

Professional Resources

Visit GLIP‘s professional networking page LinkedIn that was established in 2015 in order to provide a platform for members and non-member’s alike to
• share professional resources,
• invite others to participate in latest research,
• celebrate or advise of new grants, and
• share key news stories of interest.

International Psychology Divisions

Journals focusing on LGBT issues and psychology


The American Psychological Association's Directorate of Public Issues (in conjunction with several Divisions) have developed a useful resource called Lesbian and Gay Parenting: A Resource for Psychologists, which can be down loaded from Gay and Lesbian Parenting. You will also find at this site a collection of empirical studies, articles and book chapters, books, and additional resources.