Testing and Assessment in Psychology

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Ms Catherine Panayi


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Mr Peter Macqueen

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Mr Walter Howe

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Dr Rajes Harper

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Dr Bruce Watt
It is with great honour that I fulfil the position of APS CFP - Chair. I am dedicated to ensuring that the CFP continues to provide leadership in enhancing justice, assessing risk and reducing harm. I have worked as a forensic psychologist in various forensic contexts, including prisons, juvenile detention, rehabilitation programs, and forensic mental health services. Since completing my PhD in 2007, I have worked for Bond University, particularly teaching into the Master of Psychology (Forensic) program, until the program’s closure in 2017. Teaching forensic psychology has afforded me the opportunity to observe enthusiastic registered students and registrars progress to accomplished forensic practitioners. I have continued to conduct research, deliver training, and complete evaluations for various forensic contexts. Looking to the future, a key focus is ensuring forensic psychology as a discipline and a practice continues to thrive in Australia.

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Dr Nicole Joshua