Neurofeedback and Psychology


Our History

The idea to establish a Neurofeedback and Psychology Interest Group within the APS emerged from the need of a growing Neurofeedback community to enhance its professional identity and to strengthen the link between the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

Following APS endorsement of the NF Interest group in 2009, membership numbers have been rising and currently there are 160 members (2018), reflecting the rapid advances in neuroscience and growing awareness among psychologists of their capacity to provide brain-based interventions, to help clients improve self-regulation of their biopsychosocial challenges.

Neurofeedback is just one of the methods of neuromodulation practised globally by psychologists and psychiatrists, and is based upon the theory of operant conditioning and neuroplasticity principles, where some aspects of the Electroencephalography are modified through the process of biofeedback, and the evidence of brain neural plasticity has come from the past couple of decades of neuroimaging developments. 

Neurofeedback draws on theory and research from neurophysiology, neuropsychiatry, neurobiology, psychophysiology and psychology, to deliver evidence-based clinical practices which promote optimum mental health via self-regulation.

Since its inception, some Neurofeedback Interest Group members have continued to train further through the assistance of our American and European mentors, and a number of our Australian members also offer Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG), and Event Related Potentials evaluations, to drive Neurofeedback intervention. This website will also touch on these areas, as well as providing you with information as to the various associations and professional entities that are found in Australia and overseas, which have a registration body, ethical guidelines and ongoing training in order to further advance the professionalism of its members, and up skill and empower members to deliver the most up to date Neurofeedback protocols founded on evidence based research. Biofeedback is also explored.

And finally, this group aims to continue to offer CPD training opportunities through live webinars and webinar recordings. Please refer to the ‘CPD and Events Finder’, as well as news updates of allied conferences which keep you informed as to the various activities that members of this group often undertake. Most importantly, we are here to serve and assist you in navigating this field of psychology. We welcome questions, comments and information that may apply to all.

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