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  • We launched our professional activities of 2015 with our inaugural national conference held in March at Coolangatta, Queensland with over 50 delegates participating throughout the three-day event addressing the theme “Neuroplasticity in ADHD”.
  • Our AGM was held during the conference and the 2015-2017 IG Executive was elected as: Michelle Aniftos (Convener), Yvonne Town (Secretary), Martha Mack (Treasurer), Julie Hill & Richard Clark as Committee Members. We have subsequently appointed Kayla Town to the role of Student Representative.
  • We continue to enjoy a strong alliance with the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia (ANSA). Our IG members were invited to attend the ANSA national conference at ANSA-member rates. In addition, four of our IG members had papers accepted for presentation at the ANSA Conference. A meeting of our IG was held during the ANSA conference enabling 22 members and guests to participate in our August general meeting.  We further promoted the profile of psychologists in applied neuroscience by pledging $1000 sponsorship toward the ANSA Conference Dinner.
  • Following the ANSA conference we experienced a solid growth in membership – growing from 127 members in March 2015 to our current 155 members.
  • In September 2015, we hosted our third member-webinar with guest presenter, Ms Nerida Saunders who presented The Application of tDCS in clinical practice for different client groups including the ADHD Cohort. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is noninvasive brain stimulation technique. It has been successfully used in basic research and clinical settings to modulate brain function in humans. These webinars are proving to be very popular and always oversubscribed. We thank APS affiliate Redback Conferencing for supporting our Webinar Coordinator, Ms Julie Hill enabling the webinar to reach 25 members and to be recorded for later access.
  • In November, our IG was represented at the APS College of Clinical Neuropsychology Annual conference by Convener, Mrs Michelle Aniftos who defended a poster session and case-study during the paediatric grandrounds. Michelle promoted the concept of brain-based (EEG) assessment and intervention for psychological disorders.  
  • Throughout 2015 and 2016 to date, the APS & our IG has been represented in a forum of people working to establish a national ADHD professional association. This initiative has been led by Prof Mark Bellgrove of Monash University.
  • This year the focus of our work was to plan and promote another professional development forum, this time partnering with the neuroCare Group, a global leader in neuromodulation, neurotherapy and associated education with their neuroCademy. The 2-day seminar was held in Sydney in April as a symposium on developments in neuromodulation (rTMS and neurofeedback) and EEG based personalized medicine.
  • We are currently working with ANSA and STARTTS to bring you an incredible deal - cost-price registration for the 2-day Bessel van der Kolk Workshop being held in Sydney, 17/18 November. Please login and go to our CPD & Events page to access this deal!
  • We continue to enjoy our affiliation with the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia and we will hold our AGM in conjuntion with the ANSA National Conference in November. Again, please login and visit our CPD and Events page for more information.