Psychology and the Environment

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Terms of Reference

  1. Communication and Collaboration:
    • To provide a forum for discussion and peer contact about the reciprocal impacts between human activity and the environment;
    • To increase the wider understanding of the associations between the environment, sustainable practices, health and well-being;
    • To promote the use of cross disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing environmental concerns based on the understanding that no one approach will be sufficient to achieve our objectives.
  2. Research and Enquiry:
    • To encourage research into the relationship of individuals, groups, organizations and the environment with a particular emphasis being given to more pressing environmental concerns;
    • To advance and disseminate psychological theory and research in the area of environmental concerns and sustainability.
  3. Consultancy, Advocacy, and Policy:
    • To identify opportunities and proactively seek the involvement of psychology in a diverse range of settings so as to raise environmental awareness and implement actions aimed at achieving environmentally sustainable practices;
    • To profile and advance within the public and private sector understanding of the role psychology can contribute to addressing environmental concerns;
    • To provide informed comment on environmental issues and concerns from a psychological perspective;
    • To promote the inclusion of education related to the role psychology can contribute in addressing environmental concerns in the training and professional development of psychologist;
    • To promote the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices.
  4. Experience and Engagement:
    • To provide opportunities and support to assist both interest group members and non-members in achieving personal and professional goals associated with their pursuit of environmentally sustainable outcomes.