Protecting Your Privacy

The Australian Psychological Society Ltd (APS) is committed to protecting its members' and customers' privacy. From 21 December 2001 we are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which incorporates 10 privacy principles concerning the protection of your personal information.

About the Australian Psychological Society

The APS is the largest scientific and professional organisation representing psychologists in Australia. Its aim is to represent, promote and advance psychology and psychologists within the context of improving community wellbeing and scientific knowledge. As part of meeting this aim, the APS provides a large range of services to our members and the public.

Your personal information

Personal information held by the APS may include:

  • your name
  • contact details (including mail and email address, phone numbers and fax numbers)
  • date of birth
  • credit card details
  • academic qualifications
  • requests for special consideration in relation to membership and/or professional development requirements, which may involve information concerning your financial details or health.

How we collect personal information

The APS collects personal information directly from you via:

  • your membership application form
  • the annual subscription form
  • your correspondence and phone calls
  • conference registration forms
  • order forms for APS products
  • and applications to be included on the APS Find a Psychologist Service and the APS Media Referral database.

How we use your personal information

Your personal information may be used in order to:

  • provide you with a large range of services
  • administer, manage and develop our services.

When we disclose your personal information

For the purposes outlined above, we may at times disclose your personal information to organisations external to the APS. These organisations include:

  • outsourced service providers who assist us in the delivery of some of the services you receive, by providing functions such as:
  • mailing systems
  • information technology services
  • conference organising
  • our professional advisers, including auditors
  • government authorities, as required or authorised by law
  • providers of insurance products offered by the Society

In addition, for APS members

  • Your nominated contact phone number will be released to the public upon request
  • If you are a Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the APS, your title, name, contact phone number, and your membership of the Colleges will be included in the Membership Directory on the APS website at

If you do not wish to have your telephone number listed in the Directory of Members or released to the public upon request, please send a letter outlining your concerns addressed in confidence to the Privacy Officer at the address listed below.

Accuracy of personal information

The APS strives to keep accurate records of the personal information we collect. Accuracy depends on the information that you provide. Please let us know if there are any errors in your personal information and keep us informed of any change to your name, address or title.

Access to personal information

You have a right to access your personal information held by the APS, subject to the exceptions listed in National Privacy Principle 6. If you would like to do so please contact us. Your request may need to be put in writing for security purposes.

How to contact the APS

If you have any questions in relation to the privacy of your personal information, please call the APS on Monday - Friday between 8.45am - 5.15pm EST on (03) 8662 3300 from Melbourne, or 1800 333 497 from elsewhere.

Alternatively you can write to the Privacy Officer, The Australian Psychological Society Ltd, PO Box 38, Flinders Lane, Victoria, 8009, or email

Obtaining our Privacy Policy

You can obtain a copy of the full APS Privacy Policy upon request.