Sufism and Psychology

About Us

The Sufism and Psychology Interest Group aims to promote dialogue and to provide information and draw further attention to this profound ancient eastern psychological practice which fosters awareness of spirituality and sees the person as a combination of spirit, mind and body.

Sufism asserts that there are higher aspects of the self that exist and can be accessed, and once a person experiences these states, a change in the ego-personality will follow. This raises a number of questions such as: what is the 'self' and how do we begin to identify, understand and experience these higher states?

Sufi psychology is a well detailed holistic process that contains the means by which the self understands its own structure. It has been in existence long before the onset of modern psychology and facilitates not only the healthy functioning of a person to a level accepted by society, but goes beyond that level. It contains methods for the realisation and therefore transformation of the self to the Ultimate Self, which according to Sufism is the purpose of life’s journey.

Terms of Reference

  • To generate dialogue between psychologists and Sufi practitioners
  • To examine some of the psychological disorders from a Sufi perspective
  • To foster awareness of spirituality
  • To provide a network within APS for members with an interest in Sufism