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Committee Information

The following members of the APS Branch Committee have been elected by APS members in a particular geographical area. Please feel free to contact the  Branch Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for all APS members in this area.


Dr Sally James
Phone: 0400722039
I am a Clinical Psychologist devoted to helping individuals achieve optimal health, wellbeing and happiness in their life. I have over 18 years clinical experience in our field. I am a Member of both the Clinical College and the APS College of Health Psychologists. It is not surprising that I have a specific interest in Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of the Mind Body connection, the interaction between psychological processes, the nervous and immune systems of the human body and disease. I maintain a holistic philosophy on psychological health and wellbeing. I am an advocate of Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine.

I believe that as psychologists we have a duty of care and a social responsibility to role model optimal health and wellbeing, therefore self-care and personal development need to be inherent aspects of our daily practice. I also believe It is hypocritical to preach what we do not practice.
I hold a strong commitment to providing a service to humanity.


Mrs Nicole Fraine


Miss Melissa Johnson

Committee Member

Mrs Gretchen Mitchell

Committee Member

Mr Lyn Thomson