Committee Information

The following members of the APS Branch Committee have been elected by APS members in a particular geographical area. Please feel free to contact the  Branch Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for all APS members in this area.


Ms Natalie Mamone

Deputy Chair

Ms Derya Guzel


Position vacant


Position vacant

Committee Member

Mrs Debra Mainwaring-Betts

Committee Member

Mrs Gabriela Salabert

Committee Member

Ms Christine Bolstad

Committee Member

Mr Hamid Dadgostar

Committee Member

Dr Henry Luiker
Phone: 02 93894512
Henry is the facilitator of Peer Consultation Groups in Sydney. He can be contacted on email while he gets the list moved here from the NSW Branch page.

He is in the third consecutive year of membership of this committee, which is coinciding with interesting times for APS and the profession. He convened in October 2017 a forum on "The Present State of the Profession of Psychology in Australia". And it is getting interestinger.

His clinical interests are Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with adults and Dual-Focus Family Therapy with children. In the latter, there is equal attention to the emotional buttons being pushed in the parents as well as the child behaviours pushing the buttons. This approach arises from his 10 year outcome study with colleagues at Royal North Shore Hospital under a major National Mental Health Strategy grant.

Another current interest is the study of religious, primitive and magical thinking in ostensibly secular, modern and scientific professions.