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About TPIG Meetings

At TPIG meetings members and guests knowledgeable of transpersonal approaches to therapy and wellbeing make presentations. Sometimes the presentations are based on the person's own research, clinical or counselling practice, or experiences. Sometimes there are demonstrations and opportunities to participate in therapeutic or personal development techniques (e.g. meditation, etc.). Often the presenters provide valuable handouts which you can use both personally and professionally. Sometimes the meetings are informal talks or discussion, sometimes organised debates, but always lively stimulating wonder, deepening understanding or expanding our sense of self and potential.

Each meeting provides the opportunity to learn about transpersonal aspects within an atmosphere of friendship and fun with fellow club members. The meetings are thus a combination of being educational - stimulating psych and soul, social - providing comradeship, and uplifting - inspiring health and wellbeing. We continue to welcome guests and new members.

Guests welcome; You do not need to be a student or practitioner of psychology in order to attend these meetings.