Psychologists in Schools

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Terms of Reference

  1. To provide all psychologists working in schools, with a forum for discussion about school psychological issues and an opportunity for peer contact and information-sharing
  2. To work in close collaboration with other groups within the Society which have an interest in the practice of psychology in schools such as the College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists
  3. To foster links and work in collaboration with groups and organisations outside of the APS who influence school psychological services and who have an interest in the psychological well-being of children and young people
  4. To encourage research into all relevant aspects of school psychology and to encourage schools to engage in research that will improve the delivery of school psychological services
  5. To provide school psychologists and those interested in this area with the opportunity to communicate their professional development needs, so that the APS and relevant Colleges (i.e., College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists), are better able to respond to the needs of psychologists in schools
  6. To disseminate information to psychologists in schools regarding professional training opportunities