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Kelly Wilson's webinar has been rescheduled for Friday 18th January! Please see further details below.

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Kelly Wilson - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Knowing Loss, Rising and Falling and Rising Again.

Friday 18th January 2019, 12.00pm - 1:30pm AEDT

Register here or click on the picture below. Registration is open right up until the event, and even for a short time after the event for those who would like access to the recording.

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Webinar recording: For those who register, the recording of the webinar will be available to watch for about three months. Further details on accessing this recording will be provided after the webinar.

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About the webinar:

To live and to become conscious is to know loss. Whether loss comes late or early, there is one certainty: eventually, loss visits every house. All of the great spiritual and literary traditions recognize the ubiquity of loss. In some ways, that is what makes them great traditions. And more, these traditions also offer guidance on how we might carry our losses.

Modern health care often has an unhealthy relationship with suffering. Suffering is too frequently treated as an illness to be removed or at least dampened in some way. But love and loss are poured from the same vessel. We cannot turn away from loss without turning away from love. And, because our losses are often tangled in the web of our social network, what we do with those losses propagates around us.

In this webinar, we will examine the grit and grain of loss. We will examine the ways that an ACT perspective can help inform the ways we receive loss, the ways we carry loss, and most importantly, the ways that our losses can enrich and inform each of our days. The webinar will use personal examples and experiential exercises to illuminate loss, possibilities, and contingencies of meaning.



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