Military and Emergency Services and Psychology

The Military and Emergency Services Psychology Interest Group was formed to provide professional connection, information sharing, and training development for the wide range of civilian and uniform psychologists who work with serving or ex-service military, police, fire, or emergency services personnel. It aims to enhance the professional identity of the military or emergency services psychologist within Australia. It hopes to provide professional development opportunities in topics which are directly relevant to your practice.

 The MESP community is varied and comprises psychologists who work in public and private settings, part-time or full-time with military or emergency services personnel, with those who currently serve, those who have served previously, or their family. There are cultural, physical, organisational, clinical, and human factors issues which are unique to this client group and which we hope to be able to educate and inform on.

Terms of Reference

  1.  To enhance the professional identity of psychologists working in emergency services.

  2.  To advance evidence-based psychological service delivery to personnel from military and emergency services settings.

  3.  To contribute to personnel management and service delivery in military and emergency service organisations, through the application of psychological knowledge and practice.

  4.  To provide a forum for information-sharing by psychologists working in military and emergency services settings.

  5.  To provide a medium for the professional development for psychologists in military and emergency services settings .

  6.  To provide advice to the APS and psychologists on issues relating to the practice of psychology within and for the military and emergency services.