Rural and Remote Psychology

The Rural and Remote Psychology Interest Group serves psychologists, academics and students who are working in rural or remote areas, or have an interest in rural and remote issues.

The definitions of rural and remote are an ongoing source of discussion, and many would include larger regional centres as well as rural cities and towns, and outback and other isolated areas.

Rural and remote psychologists are located at a distance from large centres, but enjoy a richness of lifestyle and experience, are resilient and resourceful in facing challenges, and find ways to maintain professional connections through networks, distance education and modern technology. Nonetheless, rural and remote practitioners need to be able to manage personal stress levels and be flexible and creative in their work.

The current aims of the interest group are:

  1. To develop a network of psychologists interested in the application of psychology in rural and remote areas.
  2. To promote research pertinent to the practice of psychology in rural and remote areas.
  3. To liaise with other professional groups whose aims are congruent with those of the interest group and the APS.
  4. To provide expert advice to the APS on issues relating to psychology in rural and remote areas.