Psychologists for Peace

Psychologists for Peace (PfP) are an Interest Group of the Australian Psychological Society. Its members are psychologists, and others, who are concerned about the prevalence of war and conflict in our world and are interested in applying their professional skills to issues relating to promoting peace and preventing war.

We are working to promote peace in the world and prevent conflict through psychological research, education and advocacy.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of PfP are to:

  • Encourage the study of issues related to the promotion of peace and prevention of war;
  • Acquire and disseminate knowledge about psychological issues related to war and conflict;
  • Advocate and promote the use of peaceful rather than violent methods for the resolution of conflict;
  • Liaise with other professional groups whose aims are congruent with those of PfP and in accordance with those of the APS.

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