Refugee Issues and Psychology

About Us

Terms of Reference

Communication, Collaboration & Partnerships

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about the psychological wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia
  2. To provide a forum for discussion, peer contact, support and information sharing for psychologists interested in issues around refugee mental health and wellbeing
  3. To liaise with like-minded groups whose aims are congruent with those of The Australian Psychological Society Limited
  4. To establish and contribute to partnerships, networks and coalitions that facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers. Collaborating with those working directly with refugees, and with refugee communities themselves, is particularly important.

Research and Professional Development

  1. To encourage research into the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees,
  2. To encourage and facilitate ongoing professional development around issues that impact on the refugee experience
  3. To support psychologists who wish to become involved as citizens in the broader community in ways that promote the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers (e.g., through volunteer work, advocacy campaigns).