Diverse Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities

Diverse Bodies Genders Sexualities Special Interest Group Review 2023/2024

Diverse Bodies Genders Sexualities Special Interest Group will be publishing a Review in 2023/2024. Please email [email protected] if interested in contributing.



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The Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Interest Group produces an academic, peer-reviewed journal entitled the 'Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review' (GLIP Review). The journal provides a much needed forum for publishing on issues relevant to LGBTI communities in Australia and abroad, and aims to bring together the perspectives of practitioners, researchers and activists.

Editor: Damien W. Riggs




Current Issue





  1. Queering heterosexuality in the context of sexual violence activism: A rhetorical case study - Rachelle Joy Chadwick
  2. An exploration of differences in the help-seeking of LGBQ victims of violence by race, economic class and gender - Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz
  3. Disciplining gay and lesbian family life - Blair Wilson
  4. Libraries as LGBTIQ venues - Suzie Day
  5. The Australian corporate closet, why it’s still so full: A review of incidence rates for sexual orientation discrimination gender identity discrimination in the workplace - Ian Patrick Smith, Lindsay Oades & Grace McCarthy

Book Reviews

  1. Being gay, being Christian: You can be both - Luke Gahan
  2. Manly affections - Graham Willett


Previous Issues


Journal history

The Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Interest Group of the APS has a long history of supporting academic pursuits, such as in the form of conferences and scholarly newsletters produced by members of the Interest Group. 2005 saw the commencement of another of these pursuits: the publication of an APS endorsed journal, titled Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review.

Now in its eighth year as a peer-reviewed DEST eligible publication, the Review is listed on Ulrich's, and indexed in NLA Pandora, EBSCO (LGBT Life database), Proquest (GenderWatch database) and the DOAJ. The 2010 version of the Australian ERA journal rankings has the Review listed as a 'C' journal.


Dr Damien W. Riggs, Flinders University, [email protected]

Editorial Board

Elizabeth Short, Victoria University
Graeme Kane, Private Practice
Murray Drummond, Flinders University
Jim Malcolm, University of Western Sydney
Gordon Walker, Monash University
Jane Edwards: University of South Australia
Kirsten McLean: Monash University
Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: Deakin University
Jo Harrison: University of South Australia
Christopher Fox: La Trobe University
Suzanne McLaren: Ballarat University
Vivienne Cass: Independent Scholar

International Advisory Committee

Esther Rothblum: San Diego State University, US
Jerry J. Bigner: Colorado State University, US
Meg Barker: The Open University, UK
Darren Langdridge: The Open University, UK
Todd Morrison: University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Elizabeth Peel: Aston University, UK
Sonja J. Ellis: Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Victoria Clarke: University of the West of England, UK
Peter Hegarty: University of Surrey, UK 
Gareth Treharne, University of Otago, NZ
Fiona Tasker, University of London, UK
Jeffery Adams, Massey University, NZ