Narrative Theory & Practice in Psychology

Prizes and Awards

Narrative Therapy Ethos Award

This award is for a project encapsulating the ethical/moral stance mandatory to the paradigm and its implications. It recognizes a project demonstrating the application of these intentions to an innovative design which furthers the development of post-structuralist psychological practice. This may include the areas of mental health assessment, design of therapeutic tools, the use of outsider witnessing, reflective practice in supervision and community project work amongst others. Recognition will be given to work that reflects creativity and has applications to inter-disciplinary work particularly in the health system.

Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award

The Narrative Therapy Research and Development Award recognises and encourages excellence in the field of narrative research and development.  Its aim is to acknowledge and reward psychology graduates as well as other professionals who have devoted their time to Narrative research.  The award will be given to promote and facilitate the publication of research material, to broadcast more widely the efficacy of post-structuralist therapeutic interventions and narrative contributions to the field of psychology.