Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology

About Us

Major activities:

  • Active regional groups, including WA, VIC, NSW, SA, and TAS 
  • Membership of the 'Coalition of Australia‚Äôs Children'
  • National 'Gatherings' - Click for more information

Our terms of reference:

  • To provide a forum for discussion, information-sharing and communication for child, adolescent and family psychologists across the range of work settings.
  • To enhance the professional identity of child, adolescent and family psychologists within the APS and to establish a linking mechanism with psychologists in all the Australian states.
  • To develop a capacity to formulate policies regarding development and delivery of psychological services to children and their families, and to respond to the policy decisions of others.
  • To provide a medium for the professional development of child, adolescent and family psychologists through meetings with appropriate quest speakers, workshops, discussion groups, etc.
  • To provide a channel for communication with other professional groups.