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Welcome to the Student Section of the College website. Here you can find out more information about careers in Organisational Psychology, the College, and opportunities for networking.

What is Organisational Psychology?

Organisational psychology is the science of people at work. Organisational psychologists analyse organisations and their people, and devise strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire.

The profession of organisational psychology is diverse. Graduates from organisational psychology programs are employed in a wide range of roles in many different industries.

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The College of Organisational Psychologists (COP)

COP is the professional association of Organisational Psychologists, and a Group within the Australian Psychological Society. The College represents and promotes organisational psychology as a profession, and provides professional development and networking opportunities to its members.

As a student, you can join the College as a Student Subscriber, and later upgrade your membership to an Associate or Full Member. Being a part of COP offers many benefits. By being part of COP, you will:

  • Receive discounted entry to any of the College’s professional development events
  • Be able to network with other psychology professionals at College events, and make valuable contacts within the world of work
  • Receive a free subscription to Illuminations, the College’s eMagazine for business
  • Receive the members-only bi-monthly eNewsletter, REACH, which provides timely College updates, keeping organisational psychologists up to date with the latest issues affecting the profession
  • Be given exclusive access to the College’s audio-visual library, which contains recordings of the recent professional development presentations

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Joining COP as a Student Subscriber

If you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student of psychology, you can join the College as a Student Subscriber. To join the College, see How to join.

Volunteering with COP

COP is always looking for volunteers to assist in the running of the College. Joining the COP Committee or an Initiative Team will help you to enhance your professional development and reputation, gain experience in leading projects and organising events, and network with other experienced organisational psychology professionals.

To find out more about volunteering for COP, you should contact a national or state-section member of the COP Committee

Finding an Accredited Organisational Psychology Masters Program

To find an accredited university course in Organisational Psychology, please refer to the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council’s website.

Organisational Psychology on the Web

  • COP Discussion Forum. The official online discussion forum of the College of Organisational Psychologists, hosted by the APS.
There are several other Organisational Psychology discussion forums on the web. Note that none of the following sites are directly affiliated with the Australian Psychological Society or the College of Organisational Psychologists.

Need More Information?

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