Psychosis and Psychology

About Us

Terms of Reference:

  1. To provide a network within the APS for members and/or other person with an interest in psychological approaches to psychosis.
  2. To provide a forum for information-sharing, discussion, communication, and professional support.
  3. To further the contribution of psychological interventions for psychosis to the discipline of psychology by encouraging theoretical study, publication, clinical practice, and research.
  4. To promote the dissemination of accurate information about contemporary research and theory on psychosis and its treatment.
  5. To assist the APS in its evaluation of continuing education by advising on appropriate activities
  6. To organise and promote continuing education for APS members.
  7. To liaise with other professional groups with similar interests whose aims are congruent with those of the APS
  8. To provide informed advice to the APS regarding issues where psychological approaches to psychosis are relevant to the content of an issue or the process of any procedures.
  9. To enhance public awareness and knowledge of the value and importance of psychological approaches to psychosis both with respect to professional practice and with respect to the mental and emotional life of people who experience psychosis and their families and friends.