APS College of Clinical Neuropsychologists

Committee Information

The following members of the National College Committee have been elected by the members of the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Please feel free to contact the College Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for members of this College.


Prof Stephen Bowden


Dr Kelly Gough


Dr Rowena Beecham
Rowena has worked clinically as a neuropsychologist in public health settings for over 15 years. She recently moved from Melbourne to Canberra and currently works at the University of Canberra. She is keen to advocate for neuropsychology as a profession, and for better access to neuropsychology for the people who most need us.


Dr Yi Leng Fung

CPD Coordinator

Position vacant

Membership Secretary

Dr Catherine Meade

Committee Member

Dr Bernadette Bibb

Committee Member

Dr Dana Wong
Dana is an Associate Professor, Clinical Neuropsychologist, and School Director of Graduate Research in the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University. She has active roles in research, teaching and clinical practice. She leads the eNACT (Neurorehabilitation And Clinical Translation) Research Group, which focuses on innovative neuropsychological rehabilitation techniques to improve the lives of brain injury survivors, and enhancing clinical implementation of and clinician competence in these evidence-based interventions. She was awarded the 2021 Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Neuropsychologists Award of Distinction.

Committee Member

Dr Amelia Scholes

Committee Member

Dr Monica Williams

Committee Member

Dr Rochelle Whelan

Committee Member

Dr Shelley Hyman

Website and Registrar Representative

Ms Vivian Leung
Vivian Leung is an early career clinical neuropsychologist working in the areas of drug health and mental health in Western Sydney. Vivian is passionate about empowering clients, by assisting them to support themselves and helping them get the right supports in place. Vivian hopes to give back to the neuropsychology community by working on ways to support other early career neuropsychologists and keeping clinicians updated via the college website. In her spare time, Vivian enjoys yoga, cooking and gardening.

Committee Member

Dr Leonie Simpson

Student Representative

Ms Brittany Wolff
Phone: 0411541503
Brittany is an MPsych/PhD candidate in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Western Australia. Her research investigates neurocognitive functioning of siblings of persons with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs). Brittany plans to work across the specialities of forensic and pediatric rehabilitation neuropsychology and acute neurology. She also has current research focuses on prevention, early identification, and management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and youth acquired and traumatic brain injury. Brittany is a member of the NAN SPRC, and strongly advocates for the role of neuropsychologists as interventionists, cultural responsivity, and the Relevance 2050 Initiative.


Dr Karen Wallace


Ms Deborah Anderson
Debbie has 30 years experience as a neuropsychologist. She is passionate about advocating for neuropsychology and helping referrers recognise the unique contribution we make. She takes every opportunity to accept invitations to disseminate this information through lectures and presentations. She works primarily in private practice, mainly involved in medicolegal work. She also does some student supervision and lecturing. She welcomes the opportunity to speak with those interested in pursuing a career in the area, and to support our members.


Dr Amie Foran


Dr Kelly Allott
Associate Professor Allott is a Principal Research Fellow and Clinical Neuropsychologist. She is based at Orygen and the Centre for Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on understanding and treating cognition in youth mental illness.


Dr Kelly Gough