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Prof Timothy Carey
Professor Tim Carey is Director of the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs. He is a scientist-practitioner who has been developing and evaluating the transdiagnostic cognitive therapy known as the Method of Levels (MOL; www.methodoflevels.com.au) in Australia and the UK since the late 1990’s. Tim has worked in the NHS in Scotland as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist as well as in private practice and in the public mental health service in Australia. Prior to his work in Alice Springs he was the Course Convenor of the Postgraduate Clinical Psychology programme at the University of Canberra. Tim has over 100 publications including peer-reviewed empirical publications, books, and book chapters and regularly presents his work at national and international conferences. He has blogs on Psychology Today and Mad in America where he communicates ideas about promoting resilient mental health with the general public. He has also developed a mobile phone app called MindSurf.