Queensland: Ronita Neal

As the Queensland representative on the DGPP (now DPP) Forum, I have been involved since the first meeting in 2012. I feel fortunate to have been a part of the evolution of the Division over this time.

I began my training in 1985 when I enrolled in a BA Behavioural Science at a regional university in Queensland and moved to Adelaide to complete my Honours in Psychology in 1988. Since then I have worked in a variety of roles and also been self- employed for much of this time. Some of the roles I have done include working with disadvantaged youth seeking employment, a Rehabilitation Counsellor, Student Counsellor at TAFE, Consultant Psychologist in a chronic pain program, Psychology Advisor with a major Workers’ Compensation insurer and as a Lecturer in Counselling and Rehabilitation at a university in Queensland. I have also done some work as a research interviewer. I have worked both in private industry and government settings.

More recently I have been running a private practice focused on individual psychological treatment and coaching (adults) for around 8 years in a regional centre close to Brisbane. I also deliver training and coaching into organisations. I am currently interested in the practical application of knowledge arising from the research into neuroplasticity and brain function.

Although I would see myself as having a high degree of expertise in the area of occupational rehabilitation (both psychological treatment and return to work), I have a broad range of skills and interests. Along the way I have also been part of the Mental Health Profession Network, APS Peer Support Network, and served for a number of years on the APS Professional Practice Advisory Group before becoming involved in this group.