Committee Information

The following members of the APS Branch Committee have been elected by APS members in a particular geographical area. Please feel free to contact the  Branch Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for all APS members in this area.


Ms Bernadette Cross
It’s a great honour to be the Chair for the Newcastle Branch. I'm a Clinical Psychologist working in Psychology for 21 years. I started in Private Practice during the commencement of the Better Access scheme back in 2006. Since 2008 I have been the Director of a Women’s Clinic in Lake Macquarie where I specialise in Women’s Mental Health across the ages. I am a clinical and general Psychology supervisor and hold a position on the University of Newcastle’s Human Research Ethics Committee. I also spend time guest lecturing, training, and writing in the domains of Women and Psychology. I am a working mum of three children. I have been a member of the APS since my intern years and have always advocated for such a supportive institute due to my own positive experience. The APS was a rich resource during my student days, I leant heavily on them during my early career, especially when starting private practice and continue to have rich relations and support through the APS


Mrs Elaine Bennett
Elaine is a Registered Psychologist with a background working in public mental health services and private practice. She has been associated with the APS since 2005 and has served on committees with both the Western Region branch and more recently the Newcastle branch, where her current role is Secretary.


Mr Christopher Gregory

Committee Member

Mrs Erin Robinson
Erin is currently undertaking the Master of Clinical Psychology program at UoN. Previously Erin undertook a PhD (Psychology) focussing on the child developmental impacts of father-child play interactions and has since submitted her thesis for examination. Erin is interested in child development with a particular focus on cognition and emotional regulation. As an active member of the APS Newcastle Branch since 2019, she is passionate about connecting the psychological community with local events, and serves as the social media coordinator.

Committee Member

Ms Julia Hastie

Committee Member

Miss Fiona Ring

Student Representative

Mrs Tanya Craft

Student Representative

Miss Rachel Davies

Student Representative

Mrs Kelby Curtis