Committee Information

The following members of the APS Branch Committee have been elected by APS members in a particular geographical area. Please feel free to contact the  Branch Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for all APS members in this area.


Ms Virginia Ross
Virginia Ross is a Clinical Psychologist who works at the Centre for Psychotherapy, one of the services offered by the Hunter New England Local Health District. Virginia and the team at the Centre provide psychology therapies to people who have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Eating Disorders. Virginia transitioned from an career as an artist to being a psychologist 10 years ago via study at Sydney University, Macquarie University and the University of Newcastle.


Mrs Elaine Bennett
Elaine is a Registered Psychologist with a background working in public mental health services and private practice. She has been associated with the APS since 2005 and has served on committees with both the Western Region branch and more recently the Newcastle branch, where her current role is CPD co-ordinator.


Mr Christopher Gregory

Student Representative

Mrs Melissa Jackson
Melissa is currently undertaking a PhD that focuses on smoking cessation in pregnant women with substance use problems. She also works for Hunter New England Health as part of the Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services research team and has been serving on the committee of the APS Newcastle branch since 2014.

Student Representative

Mr Max Katz-Barber
Max is a Fourth Year Psychology student, with an interest in Biological Psychopathology of Anxiety disorders. He is currently researching the Microbiome (Gut brain & HPA axis), while also working in Public health as a Research Assistant.

Student Representative

Mrs Kaylene Kilham
Kaylene is a Clinical Masters student at the University of Newcastle, working towards a career in Child Psychology. Kaylene has been a member of the APS since 2014, and in addition to her committee service, holds several volunteer positions across the Hunter region.

Student Representative

Miss Alison Gosling

Student Representative

Ms Jichun Hao
Jichun is currently completing a PhD that looks at university students' adjustment process in Australia and China. Via study in China, Australia, and the UK, she has conducted research in psychology with international collaborators and has held different voluntary and paid positions in counselling and psychology.
Jichun has been on the committee of the APS Newcastle Branch since 2015. She is passionate about mental health issues in different cultural and social groups and is working towards a career in clinical psychology.