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The 2016 APS New England Northwest Branch AGM is to be held on:

Date: Thursday 17 November 2015

Time: 5.30pm 

Location: Tamworth UNE Study Centre

Videolinks: Armidale UNE, Lewis Lecture Theatre and Inverell UNE Study Centre, TAFE  

The Minutes from the 2015 AGM and the Agenda for the 2016 AGM have been sent to members by e-mail.

As this is an election year, all positions will be vacant and nominations will be required for Office Bearers and Committee Members positions.

Branch Committees are comprised of the following elected positions:


  1. Secretary;
  2. Treasurer; and
  3. Up to eight (8) Committee Members. 
  • Elections are held for vacant positions in conjunction with the Branch AGM.
  • Nominations close at 12 midnight (AEST) seven (7) days prior to the Branch AGM.
  • The term of office for elected positions is two (2) years from the Branch AGM.
  • If the number of nominations received is higher than the number of positions available, a secret ballot vote will be held at the Branch AGM.
  • Additional information and enquiries can be sent to the Member Groups team: 

Any member, academic member, or associate member who would like to be appointed to an Office Bearer position on the Committee can complete a Nomination Form - nomination forms for elections are available on the APS website.


The AGM will be followed by a presentation from Annemaree Wilson of Crana Bush Support Services. Event details will be emailed out shortly.

For more information, e-mail





Date:   Saturday 26 November 2016
Time:   8.30am – 12.30pm
Location:  Tamworth UNE Study Centre
Videolink:  Armidale UNE, Lewis Lecture Theatre
Cost:   APS Members $100 Non-APS Members $200 Students $75

David has a PhD in clinical psychology. He is an honorary associate with the School of Medicine, University of Sydney, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a founder of the Australian branch of the Compassionate Mind Foundation. He has trained in neuropsychological assessment and studied interpersonal neurobiology online with professor Daniel Siegel (author of Mindsight). His first book was The Confident Performer (1998). His latest book is a memoir, How I Rescued My Brain: A Psychologist’s Remarkable Recovery from Stroke and Trauma. David has also presented at various events including the Happiness and Its Causes Conference in Sydney. David is a public speaker, musician, and advocate for mental health and disability issues.

In a gentle environment, explore ways of using writing to move through difficult emotions, integrate past events, and heighten positive experiences. It’s one way of bringing the brain’s non-conscious memories into clearer focus. Exercises will include James Pennebaker’s ‘writing to heal’ exercises, journaling with a purpose, narrative integration, self-compassion and gratitude exercises. Your level of writing skill is unimportant and there will be no pressure to read out what you have written.

Learning outcomes for this workshop include the following:

1. You will be given a rationale for the Expressive Writing exercise.

2. You will gain a direct experience of how the Expressive Writing exercise works by undertaking it yourself.

3. You can expect to achieve some healing of the issues you’ve used in the writing exercise

4. Be able to assess when to use this exercise with clients

5. The protocol for delivering the exercise

6. How to evaluate the writing outcomes of the exercise

7. What pitfalls to avoid in the writing process


Please register as soon as possible as we expect this event will be sold out quickly.

Closing date for registration: Sunday 20 November 2016

To register, please click on the following link or paste the link into your browser:

For more information, please e-mail Serena Haridas on


*** Christmas Breakfast Get-Togethers are being organised for Armidale, Tamworth & Inverell in December. Dates and further information will be e-mailed to members in the near future. ***