Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Committee Information

APS Interest Groups support members with special interests, assist communication between members interested in similar fields and advise the APS on issues related to their area of interest. Interest Group membership is open to all APS members and Interest group committee members are volunteer roles.


Below are details of the current committee and vacancies. If you are intersted in joining the committee, click here to complete an expression of interest/nomination form to be considered. Please feel free to contact Interest Group committee members or APS Member Groups ([email protected]) with any queries or suggestions about the engagement for members of this Interest Group around Australia.



Dr James Bennett-Levy

Co-Convener & Treasurer

Dr David Spektor
Phone: 0466891718
David is a clinical psychologist with close to 20 years of experience working in mental health. Alongside his private practice he is involved in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy research through the Monash University Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab in Melbourne, Australia. David is actively working as a therapist on the psilocybin for GAD trial and will also be a therapist on the upcoming MAPS/MDMA trial.

Committee Member

Dr Margaret Ross
Phone: 03 9056 1050
Dr Marg Ross
Marg is a Clinical Psychologist and Chief Principal Investigator for Australia's first psychedelic assisted psychotherapy study at St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne. The study is investigating the efficacy of psilocybin assisted therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety in the terminally ill. Marg has worked in oncology and palliative medicine for the past decade.

Committee Member

Ms Kylie O'Brien

Committee Member

Dr Lara Bertolino
Phone: 0422186444
Lara is a Clinical Psychologist with a decade of experience across both the private sector and the public sector, with previous roles Trauma Rehab at FSH, and Pain Management at RPH. In 2022 she opened her own private practice, Liminal Place, which focusses on merging high quality clinical psychology services with the therapeutic value of nature. She takes clients on "Walk & Talk" Therapy sessions, in a range of parks and nature reserves around the Perth metro area, and also facilitates group hikes. She is a WA rep for The Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy. Lara is also one of the clinicians on the upcoming Reset Mind Sciences Psilocybin Trial for Treatment Resistant Depression.

Student Representative

Mr Joshua Kugel
Phone: 0402579578