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The following members of the APS Branch Committee have been elected by APS members in a particular geographical area. Please feel free to contact the  Branch Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for all APS members in this area.


Ms Shelley Rogers
I have been a member APS ever since I joined as a mature-age student in First Year. I have been the Chair of the South Australian APS Branch and State committee since 2013. Prior to that I was the SA Branch Treasurer for 2 years. I have also been active in the APS College of Organisational Psychologists in different roles for many years. I am keen to engage all APS members in their professional organisation. I am always amazed at how many different member groups there are in the APS and the many ways members can become engaged. I run my own consultancy focusing on organisational psychology and also have taught in the Degree and Master of psychology at the University of South Australia.


Dr Loraine Lim


Mr Richard Oborn

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Miss Karen Linehan

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Mr Gareth Furber
Phone: 0429344065
I completed my clinical psychology PhD in 2006 in the area of psychological recovery following heart attack. My PhD provided me with a strong grounding in research and evaluation skills, as well as clinical training in cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and motivational interviewing.

The bulk of my work to-date has been in the area of child and adolescent mental health, and has included clinical work as well as research. My main research focus has been on the modelling the child and adolescent mental health workforce.

I currently work full-time as an e-Mental Health Project Officer within Health, Counselling and Disability Services at Flinders University. My role is to explore how technology can be used to expand the reach and impact of counselling services.

I am a co-manager of an online network for mental health professionals in South Australia called the Psychology and Health Forum (

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Ms Connie Migliore

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Ms Cecily Young

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Mr Michael McGregor

Student Representative

Mr John Fouyaxis

Student Representative

Ms Joanna Tsirgiotis
I am a PhD (Clinical Psychology) candidate at Flinders University. My doctoral research pertains to the presentation of autism spectrum disorder in females, and my clinical interests surround child and adolescent mental health. My role on this committee is to represent my student colleagues at Flinders University, liaise between the committee and clinical psychology students, and encourage inter-university engagement and networking.