NSW state committee

NSW state committee

Committee members

The State Committee met on Sunday 19 February 2017 with the meeting outcomes communicated to Members through Branch Chairs.

State Chair

Tracy McFarlane 


Deputy Chair Marisa Barnes

Agnes Levine


Newsletter Editor


Political Liaison Officer 


Sydney Branch Chair Amanda Gordon 
New England Northwest Chair

Marisa Barnes

Newcastle Branch Chair

Virginia Ross

Illawarra Branch Chair

Lynette Page

NSW North Coast Branch Chair

Kylie O'Brien

NSW Mid-North Coast Branch

Alira Bayndrian

NSW Far South Coast Branch

Stephen Brigham

Shoalhaven Branch

Karen Donaldson

NSW Western Region Branch

Margaret Johnson

NSW Central Coast Branch

Susan McConaghey

South West Sydney Branch

Adele Hall

Riverina Branch

Daniel Hayes

Division of General Practising Psychologists



The following masterclass is being held at various locations during 2018, please click on the following date to find further event details:

Providing effective and outcome driven psychological treatment within the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme - a Masterclass


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