Melbourne Branch Student Page



To create a professional network of students from all disciplines of psychology in Melbourne that will enhance their present and future studies and future careers.


  • To facilitate the professional development of students in the field of psychology in Melbourne through initiatives including –
    • Forums where students can exchange ideas, experiences, employment opportunities and ask their peers for advice.
    • Seminars for students to gain knowledge about the practicalities of working in psychology.
    • Information sessions on topics of interest not necessarily covered in coursework to learn new skills, explore ideas, and gain insight into practice issues.
  • To foster connections between students at different universities within Melbourne and Victoria, and facilitate connections between students and experienced psychologists.
  • To promote student involvement in the Australian Psychological Society to further the above objectives.

We are an active student group who are constantly seeking new ways to further the interests of students within the Melbourne Branch.  We welcome feedback from students, and welcome new members.  You can contact us by email or through the feedback page.