APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists

Committee Information

The following members of the National College Committee have been elected by the members of the College of Education and Developmental psychologists. Please feel free to contact the College Committee members with any queries or suggestions about the activities and events which they organise for members of this College.


Dr Vicki McKenzie
Dr Vicki McKenzie is a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne and is Coordinator of the Master of Educational Psychology, and Master of Educational Psychology/PhD. Dr McKenzie also has experience as leader of a multi-disciplinary team of school support personnel working with schools on systemic intervention in the areas of student and community wellbeing. In her PhD, Dr McKenzie studied the resources, resilience and coping skills of disengaged students. Dr McKenzie has presented at national and international conferences on building coping skills and resilience in young people. Training psychologists for professional practice in schools has been a central component of Dr McKenzie’s professional career, and she has also supervised many psychologists in gaining specialised status. She is currently Chair-Elect of the APS College of Educational and Developmental Psychologists, and is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.


Position vacant


Mr Gerald Wurf
Gerald Wurf joined Monash University in 2017 as a Senior Lecturer (Practice). Prior to this he worked at Charles Sturt University and for the NSW Government as an educational/developmental psychologist. He has provided consultant services to NGOs, Catholic and independent schools in NSW, and international schools in Hong Kong. He is a registered psychologist and holds endorsement in Educational and Developmental Psychology with AHPRA.
For eight years Gerald worked in Hong Kong including teaching at The University of Hong Kong and The Open University of Hong Kong. He also worked at Hong Kong International School as a high school counsellor/senior social sciences teacher. He has had over fifteen years professional experience working with children, young people, and adults with intellectual disabilities and complex learning needs.
Gerald’s research interests include reducing school bullying, learning in multicultural classrooms, inclusive education, and promoting student engagement.

Treasurer and Social Media

Dr Kelly Allen
Dr Kelly Allen is an endorsed Educational and Developmental Psychologist, Senior Lecturer at Monash University and Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Kelly also provides professional supervision to psychologists at different stages of their career. Her research and writing interests are concerned with school belonging and belonging more generally across the lifespan.

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @drkellyallen

Course Approvals and Early Career

Dr Zoe Morris
Zoe is an educational and developmental psychologist and who is particularly interested in ethics and professional issues. Zoe has experience as a psychologist in public schools providing counselling, assessment, and intervention to students in both mainstream and specialist settings. She is passionate about supporting learning, social emotional learning, and well being in schools, particularly through evidence-based programs and teacher professional development.

Zoe currently lectures and provides clinical supervision at Monash University in the Master of Educational & Developmental Pyschology.

Coordinator Course Leaders

Dr Louise McLean
Dr Louise McLean is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University and the Course Leader of the Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology (MEDP) & the MEDP/PhD programs. She began her working life as a school counsellor and teacher and moved into academia in 2000. She was the Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology Course Leader for 11 years.

Louise's research focuses on the identification of psychosocial risk and resistance factors related to well-being across the lifespan and the evaluation of interventions and preventative measures that facilitate sustained and enhanced well-being in the general community and in children with chronic conditions and their siblings and parents. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI), Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, where several of her students are completing the research component of their degrees.

Media and Promotions

Dr Chelsea Hyde
Dr Chelsea Hyde, is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist currently working as a lecturer at the University of Melbourne and a school psychologist. Chelsea has over ten years practical experience working as a psychologist within government, catholic and independent school systems in Victoria and Queensland across both regional and metropolitan areas. Chelsea holds endorsement in the area of educational and developmental psychology and is a board approved supervisor. Chelsea's research focuses on adolescent mental health and help-seeking.


Dr Wendy McKenzie
My career focus is about helping people learn and achieve positive change across the lifespan. After many years as an educator and researcher in cognitive and educational psychology, completion of the Master of Psychology (Educational & Developmental) has enabled me to apply this expertise to psychological practice. I am particularly interested in the role of Ed & Dev psychologists in improving the wellbeing of older adults.

Government Funding of Ed&Dev Services

Mr Santo Russo
Santo has been a past Chair and Treasurer of the Brisbane Area Branch and Member of the National PPAG, as well as past Membership Secretary of the National Committee. He is currently a Member of the QUT Head of School Advisory Committee and Master Educational and Developmental Psychology Course Advisory Group. Santo has represented APS with in both education and health matters. Santo's qualifications include Bachelor of Education and Master of Psychology. With over thirty years experience working with children, adolescents and adults Santo believes that the benefits of being an active member of the Society is the only way to progress the development of the profession.

Early Intervention and NDIS

Mrs Janene Swalwell
Phone: 0407683304
As a professional psychologist my career has been largely in developmental psychology in provision and management of services for children and families, early childhood intervention for children with developmental delays and disabilities, disadvantage and trauma, and in educational psychology in schools. However, I have also worked with adults with emotional and learning concerns and in designing interventions for them.
As a researcher my interests have been predominantly in the social-emotional development of young children and in early years service provision to promote social-emotional competence and behavioural regulation in young children.
At present I work casually in the Faculty of Education Monash University, and also provide training in the Pyramid Model.
Together with Dr Tim Moore, I convene a network of psychologists working in early childhood intervention who have recently established an APS early childhood intervention interest group.

Student Representative

Ms Simone Gindidis
Simone is a Monash University Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental)/PhD candidate with a research focus investigating the experience that clinicians and adolescents have with the use of Apps in educational and mental health support settings. Simone is extremely passionate about the integration of new technologies with psychological services, interventions, research and education. She is equally passionate about advocating for the contribution that Educational and Developmental psychology makes to all facets of learning and wellbeing across the lifespan. She believes that the future of Educational and Developmental psychology is contingent upon involvement with the CEDP as it provides an avenue through which future graduates and practitioners can continue to grow, learn, network and further advocate for the relevance of their specialised training. In the interest of best representing student views, students are encouraged to contact Simone with their ideas and feedback.

Student Representative

Ms Jessica Price


Position vacant


Miss Katrina Newey
Katrina Newey is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate specialising in cyber bullying research, at the School of Social Sciences and Psychology (SSAP), University of Western Sydney (UWS). Research includes investigating the developmental trajectories of cyber bullying and the associated risk factors for involvement to provide recommendations to seed successful intervention. Katrina Newey is a specialist registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist, and has been appointed as the APS Educational and Developmental college NSW secretary. She currently tutors for SSAP teaching Human Behaviour and Developmental psychology. Katrina is also aligned with the School of Engagement (UWS), running cyber bullying psycho-educational workshops with students, teachers and parents.


Position vacant


Mr Michael Duhig


Mrs Helen Broomhall
I am the Director of Learning Keys, a private psychology practice based in SA. I hold a Master in Applied Psychology from the University of Adelaide and I am a fellow of the CEDP. Prior to establishing Learning Keys I worked in a variety of Health, Educational, Disability and Social Service settings, providing therapeutic services to children and adults addressing a range of learning, social, emotional and developmental issues. I also had the privilege to work on the MindMatters Plus program seeking to improve mental health outcomes for secondary school students. In addition to working in Private practice I also teach at the Masters level in Psychology at the University of South Australia. I am happy to field any queries regarding CEDP membership in SA and NT.


Mr Darren Stops


Ms Louise Laskey


Miss Tara Hawkins