Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Psychology

About Us

History of the Interest Group

The APS has been involved in Aboriginal and Torres  Strait Islander issues since the 1960s, when a Queensland group became active with submissions to government on secondary education and child welfare.  The original Group for Aboriginal Issues, Aboriginal People and Psychology was established primarily as a way of assisting Indigenous members to the Society to network and promote discussion of social issues with non-Indigenous members. The APS Interest Group re-formed in 1992.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Interest Group are:

  • promoting the psychological study and advocacy of issues related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • improving relationships between psychologists and the Australian Indigenous community;
  • providing advice to psychologists working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;
  • the development of ethical guidelines for the provision of psychological services; and
  • conducting research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.