Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Psychology

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Bendi Lango


ATSIPP Indigenous Student Conference Attendance Award

The award was established to provide Indigenous students with a positive experience of the profession through a conference format. It will provide students with the opportunity to network and liaise with Psychology students and psychologists, particularly Aboriginal Psychologists, in attendance at the conference. The aim of this process is to contribute toward increasing the number of Indigenous psychologists in Australia.

Previous recipients of the ATSIPP Indigenous Student Conference Attendance Award are:

  • 2011 Marika Cox - Deakin University
  • 2012 Katherine Williams - University of Queensland
  • 2013 Kelly Naylor - University of New England
  • 2014 Sarah Graham - Griffith University & Tarren Leon - University of Western Sydney
  • 2015 Ashley Paxton and Ruby Warber

Please find reflections written by 2015 Award winning students Ashley and Ruby after winning and attending the APS 2015 Conference.

Reflections by Ashley Paxton

Reflections by Ruby Warber

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