Psychology and Substance Use

About Us

The Psychology and Substance Use (PSU) Interest Group offers members an opportunity to engage with other psychologists who share an interest in substance use issues. The group aims to be of relevance to psychologists in a broad range of settings, including research, policy development, clinical work within the drug and alcohol system, and clinical work in other settings. We are always looking for ways the group can be of practical benefit to members, and we encourage members to become involved in whatever way they can.

Terms of reference

  1. To facilitate communication among psychologists interested in substance use issues.
  2. To promote professional activities and practice, information sharing, research and discussion related to the psychology of substance use.
  3. To provide a network of APS psychologists able to respond, as deemed appropriate by the APS, to emerging issues related to substance use.
  4. To promote the role of psychologists as practitioners, researchers and commentators in relation to substance use issues.
  5. To generate and maintain links with organisations that has a focus on psychology and substance use, within Australia and internationally, who are congruent with the aims of the APS and the Interest Group.