Psychologists in Oncology

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Dr Kerrie Clover
PhD MPsychClin MAPS

Research Manager, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Conjoint Associate Professor
School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle

Dr Kerrie Clover works in psycho-oncology as a Senior Clinical Psychologist and as a researcher.

She has been a researcher in psycho-oncology for many years, with a focus on research with practical applications to improve cancer care. Research areas include
• The validity of depression and anxiety questionnaires among people with cancer;
• Screening for psychological distress;
• Procedural anxiety during radiation therapy for head and neck cancer
See more at Kerrie Clover (0000-0001-8310-7003) (

Her clinical psycho-oncology work is in the adult public hospital outpatient setting.

As Convenor, her hope is to foster collegiality and support between psychologists working in this specialised area, to facilitate access to specialist CPD and to provide links to clinically relevant resources and information


Ms Samya Brayley
Sam has dual streams to her career, spanning organisation development (OD) and clinical psychology. Sam began her career in human resources and OD with an industrial business working in Australia and NZ. After completing studies in clinical psychology, she then established a private practice for several years specialising in psycho-oncology and grief/ loss. In 2007, Sam returned to OD and has owned a management consulting business since then. She has consulting globally. In 2022, Sam wanted to contribute to a long held interest in psycho-oncology and hopes to make a small contribution by being part of the Interest Group Committee.


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Dr Simon Morris

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Mrs Sharon Patzel

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