Psychology and Substance Use

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Perspectives in Psychology: Substance Use

The APS Working Group on Substance Use launched a paper in May 2005 outlining current knowledge of substance use from a psychological perspective, to encourage further application of psychological science in research, practice and comment in the field of Alcohol and Other Drugs issues.


Dual diagnosis issues

For those interested in dual diagnosis issues, below is a comprehensive summary from Gary Croton, a regional dual diagnosis specialist in Victoria:


Roadside drug testing in Victoria

  • Information on the introduction of roadside drug testing in Victoria can be found at:


Seminars and Events

We currently hold a regular seminar series in Melbourne, with some sessions attracting specialist PD points. We encourage PSU members across the country to get actively involved in the group and help us to organise seminars in other locations. To date we have also held seminars in Sydney, Noosa and have facilitated substance-related sessions at APS annual conferences since PSU was established.