Women and Psychology

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Below are details of the current committee and vacancies. If you are interested in joining the committee, click here to complete an expression of interest/nomination form to be considered. Please feel free to contact Interest Group committee members or APS Member Groups ([email protected]) with any queries or suggestions about the engagement for members of this Interest Group around Australia.



Ms Heather Gridley
Phone: 0419113731
I am a community and counselling psychologist with more than thirty years’ experience in community health and higher education, as well as a decade within the APS National Office as Manager of Public Interest. I am currently an Honorary Fellow at Victoria University. The focus of my work over that time has been on maximising psychology's contributions to community wellbeing and social justice. I have a keen interest in supporting a new generation of feminist and community psychologists.


Ms Patricia Gallagher


Ms Alexandra Barry
Bmus, GradDipPsych, PostGradDipPsych, MProfPsych, AssocMAPS.
Alex is a provisional psychologist working as a counsellor / advocate with the Sexual Assault and Family Violence Centre in Geelong (formerly Barwon CASA), where she provides trauma informed counselling to victim survivors of sexual assault and family violence. Prior to relocating to the surf coast, Alex commenced her 5+1 internship as a Functional Family Therapist (FFT) within OzChilds evidence-based services team. Alex has a strong intersectional feminist, human rights and system based lens to her work that is constantly evolving through partnership with social workers, community psychologists and many years of multidisciplinary involvement. Alex hopes to remain in the NFP and public sectors post registration.

Committee Member NSW

Ms Erica Hatfield

Committee Member VIC

Mrs Bernadette Durkan
BSoc (Psych), BSocSc Hons (Psych), MBA, MAppPsych (Community), MAPS

Studied at Victoria University and has worked with a wide range of communities including people impacted by societal barriers connected to their living situations, health, identity, relationships and community.
Recently worked in the perinatal field offering low cost bulk billed services for pregnant mothers and new parents.

Committee Member NT

Dr Brona Nic Giolla Easpaig
Research Fellow,
NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Implementation Science in Oncology,
Australian Institute of Health Innovation,
Macquarie University

Committee Member SA

Dr Nicole Manktelow
Dr Nicole Manktelow, a seasoned clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience, has a diverse background in mental health care. Throughout her career, she has provided treatment in a range of settings, including acute care, community-based mental health, inpatient care for adults and adolescents, and even within the corrections system. Prior to her current private practice, Dr Manktelow served as the Clinical Director for Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. She is a highly qualified schema therapist and supervisor and holds a strong interest in the integration of social justice, critical, and queer intersectional feminist psychology into her clinical practice.

Committee Member

Position vacant

Student Representative

Miss Alysia Robertson
I am a PhD (Psychology) student at the Australian National University, Canberra. My research aims to uncover group processes that underpin effective group therapy leadership. My interest in how women are viewed in psychology is both personal and professional. Personally, I am a radical feminist and want to help create a world where people of all genders feel welcomed and safe. Professionally, during my studies of group therapy leadership, I noticed a concerning lack of research. This led me to consider how women are viewed in clinical leadership roles, like group therapy leadership, and question whether these women are even thought of as leaders. I believe acknowledging that health professionals do engage in leadership, and researching effective ways for them to do so, is an important avenue for future research. This is particularly the case for leadership roles that are traditionally held by women, such as group therapists.

Student Representative

Position vacant