Women and Psychology

How to Join

All APS members can join this Interest Goup by logging in to Manage Your Membership to subscribe online to an APS Interest Group. 


Members of the Women and Psychology Interest Group are kept informed on upcoming activities, issues and major projects through the Interest Group Upcoming Events section and email alerts.

The state groups sponsor presentations seminars and discussions on psychological issues that affect women and girls. Currently the most active groups are in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, but we'd love to assist members in other states to gather locally. Some of these activities are accredited professional development points. See Events and PD page.


Benefits of being a member

  • Connect with psychologists who hold similiar interests and values
  • Create a comfortable space for topics of discussion that may not be available in the workplace or other forums
  • Connect with experienced psychologists from diverse backgrounds and areas of research and practice and share information about career paths and opportunities and current best practice
  • Keep up to date about issues regarding gender and equity within and beyond psychology
  • Stay informed about socio-political trends that have the potential to reshape the identities, perceptions and opportunities available to those who identify as female